Latest measurements: indoor=out, outdoor=10.4 degC
The indoor measurement is no longer active since the sensor was stolen (?!) beginning of October 2012. Only the outdoor sensor remains active.

Two passive acoustic temperature-sensors located on the window 10 m away from the interrogation antenna, one indoor and one outdoor, to assess the insulated glazing efficiency. Compare the outdoor (green curve) temperature with the Meteociel data and the easier to parse Weather Underground data .
Missing data segments are either due to power failure (Christmas vacations) or to radiofrequency interferences when testing some of our other interrogation units in the lab. Moving the setup a few tens of meters away from our office did significantly reduce the interference issue, although this particular setup is not especially spectrum-friendly (radiofrequency emission occurs continuously, while data are only stored avery 5 minutes). This page should automagically refresh every 10 min.
Separate graphs: indoor/outdoor and outdoor/Weather Underground comparisons